Riverside Therapy Practice

Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy


Dr. Aileen Alleyne

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The Riverside Therapy Practice is an independent therapy service based in East Sussex. The practice provides professional counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples in East Sussex and London. Short-term help is available to those experiencing emotional crises that may benefit from a brief input of focussed therapy. Longer-term contracts are also offered, including for those wishing to explore and work through issues with which they have been wrestling for some time. If you feel you need counselling or psychotherapy to see you through a difficult personal journey or you want to negotiate a personal crisis more effectively, the Riverside Therapy Practice could be the very service to provide the expert support you need. Help is offered by an experienced and culturally competent practitioner in a safe, holding and containing environment.

Contact Info

Email: aileen@kisskadee.com