Diversity Training for Counselling and Psychotherapy Practitioners

  • Are you keen to address race and cultural issues in counselling and psychotherapy practice?
  • Are you a clinical supervisor who would like to work more effectively with race and cultural issues in supervision practice?
  • Are you looking for diversity training for your counselling and psychotherapy students?

Diversity Training is a ‘catch all’ term used to address very distinct areas race, culture and society’s relationship with difference. It is therefore very important to give thought to the specific area/s of training or facilitation you need before requesting a consultancy service. Training provides a stimulus for exploring attitudes, challenging outmoded scripts and raising awareness. The greater your forethought about what you specifically need, the easier it is to create a bespoke programme of consultancy that meets your organisation’s needs.

Training DVD

  • DVD
  • (includes teaching literature) £155 incl. of UK postage.
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